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Duct Dusters of Georgia, LLC was founded in July 2020. We are a family owned and operated Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, and Insulation company based in Social Circle, Georgia. We offer Residential, Commercial, and Industrial services. We strive to provide top quality service to our customers.

Mission Statement:

“Provide superior customer service solutions through our commitment to quality and integrity in all that we do.”

Our Duct Cleaning Process:

Once our technician arrives on site they will conduct a multi point inspection of the HVAC system to determine the best cleaning method to utilize. The coils, blower wheels, and duct system are all included in this inspection. Following this inspection, our technician will hook up our negative air equipment to create a vacuum on your system.

With this vacuum in place our technician will utilize a combination of brushes, whips, and air nozzles to go through every supply and every return in the home to clean the duct work. Once the duct work has been cleaned, we will then clean out the airhandler(s) or furnace(s) in the home. Before/ after photos are provided. We will then finish up this process with an anti-microbial deodorizer to sanitize the system.